Who would have thought that learning, really learning, 300 pages of Laws and Rules could be FUN??

Attention: Live Seminar with Backup Webinar Option!

Using humor, interaction, creativity and real life examples, The Florida Psych Laws and Rules Consortium has helped thousands of Florida licensed counselors, therapists and social workers to painlessly satisfy their licensure requirements regarding Florida Laws and Rules.


Yes, you have to take a Mandatory 8 Hour Laws and Rules Course. But you don’t have to dread it!

We’ve combined our expertise, our diverse backgrounds, and our 27-year proven track record with our sense of humor to create the ULTIMATE Board-Approved COURSE for future therapists and social workers like you!

Join two therapists and a former judge, all experts on Florida law,for a relaxing day of lawyer jokes, laughter and learning, and come away knowing more than you ever wanted to know about Florida Psych Laws and Rules.


“The best live class!”
Shari McGonigle, RMHCI, Hillsborough County

“The domestic violence course was absolutely electrifying. I’m highly motivated to learn more.”
Craig Brown, RMFTI, Duvall County

“Time flew by so fast and the subject remained interesting. Never once did I become bored.”
Shari Marcus, RMHCI, Broward, FL

“Couldn’t imagine that it could be better!” LaTranette Mannor, RMHCI, Pinellas County

“Entertaining, Enlighting, Fabulous!” R. Fitzgerald, RMHCI, Myakka City Sarasota


CE Broker #50-759 & CE Broker #70-539
We're not saying we're old, but ....the Florida Psych Laws and Rules Consortium's Laws and Rules Course has been around longer than any other in the state of Florida.

We are the first and only Masochistic Combo providers. All of our registered intern courses will count toward your license, and they do not expire.

In fact the Board prefers that you take your courses near the beginning of your internship. So feel free to get your pain and suffering out of the way early.