“Amazing Course! Highly Recommended!”  Christina Rushlow, RCSWI, Hillsborough County FL

“Great course with good discussion opportunities  Being new to Florida, this was very helpful!”  Jackie Ekstrom,  RMHCI, Manatee County Florida

It really amazed me how the facilitators of this course actually made it interesting and genuinely funny.  It was long, but the time was over before I knew it.”  Alisha Boos, RCSWI, Hillsborough County, FL

What you bring to the table is wonderful. Great team approach.  Excellent having someone who was a lawyer to answer these important questions!”   Erica Brugman, RMHCI,  Brevard County

The experiences of Matt and Dale really provided a top notch level of learning that is accurate and reliable – Fantastic course!”   Rafael Acosta, RMHCI  Palm Beach County, FL

Susan’s story really encompasses every aspect of domestic violence.  A lot of ground covered in a short amount of time.  Amazing inspiration to use such a story to teach domestic violence.  This training is needed everywhere.”   Alisha Boos, RCSWI  Hillsborough County, FL

The course was highly informative and beneficial to my growth as I progress towards licensure.  The delivery was exceptional and the class flew by.  As a registered intern, this class was invaluable.”  Beth Acosta, RMHCI   Palm Beach County, FL

Really fun and easy learning for a topic that is really complex.  Really enjoyed this learning experienc e and would use group again.”  Iris DeJesus, RMHCI  Miami-Dade County, FL

Extremely Factual – Great review!”  Valerie Kline, RMHCI    Broward County, FL

Matt and Susan had me on the edge of my seat the entire time. There couldn’t be a more effective way to teach about such a serious manner.” S. Anita, RMHIC, Pompano Beach, FL

“The seminar was fabulous. There was nothing at all that could have made it more effective. The presenters were fantastic. I loved every minute of it.” Marie Wright, Collier County, Registered Mental Health Counselor Intern

“I did some research and found out that these presenters have an excellent reputation, and they were fantastic.Very effective in facilitating my learning process. This course is outstanding.” Anne Shustack, Miami Dade, FL

“This class was awesome! I would attend any other course offered by these presenters. I will be referring my colleagues.” Dave N, Bradenton, FL

“Susan, I could listen to your presentation over and over and continue to learn something new. Thank you for all you and Matt do for our State.Kelly McGrath, Florida Prosecuting Attorneys Association

-“Entertaining, Enlighting, Fabulous!” R. Fitzgerald, RMHCI, Myakka City Sarasota

-“This was by far the BEST workshop ever! Sharing your stories helped provide insight into both sides of a relationship and solidify the message. You can Absolutely share my comments!” Vera Thompson, RCSWI, Miami, FL

“Great course – So informative, I am surprised at the level of information I retained. It would have been a great benefit to have either of you as my teachers while obtaining my Master’s Degree.”     Kristina Lance RMHCI, Palm Beach, FL

“Time flew by so fast and the subject remained interesting. Never once did I become bored.” Shari Marcus, RMHCI, Broward, FL

“I thought the course instructors had a great deal to offer because of their years of experience and their varied background.” Gina Thompson, RMHCI Martin, FL

“The courses was extremely effective, the lawyer jokes were great, the snacks were delicious, and I would be interested in ANY other courses offerred by the McMillans!” Ariel Maria, RCSWI, Miami-Dade, FL

“The chemistry between the presenters was phenomenal. Keep up the good work!” EJ Dickens, RMHCI

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